The School of Information plans two information centers to benefit non-profits and the developing world.

Stephanie Teasley led a study that found benefits in student-facing educational dashboards.

UMSI's Tawanna Dillahunt and Walter S. Lasecki have received one of nine Poverty Solutions grants for “Improving Employability via Physical Crowdsourced Tasks.”

Researchers at the School of Information find strength in numbers when it comes to charitable lending.

PrivacyCon 2017 brought together researchers, academics, consumer advocates and policy makers to address the privacy and security implications of emerging technologies.

Professor Schaub will participate in research designed to improve Web privacy notices to aid users in making informed choices. 

A paper co-authored by UMSI doctoral student Wei Ai analyzes the international use of emojis in messaging.

Yan Chen receives grant for "Information Acquisition and Provision in School Choice."

Paul Courant, a professor in the School of Information, has been tapped to serve as interim provost of the University of Michigan.

The Health Informatics program at the University of Michigan partners with the Peace Corps to enroll Coverdell Fellows.